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Perpetual Charitable Trust - (PAF)

Recommended capital: $400,000+

A Perpetual Charitable Trust can be included in your Will to support charities, charitable causes, scholarships and awards in perpetuity. It is a wonderful way to continue your contribution to charities or causes that are important to you. A trust can have your name, your family’s name or even be named in the memory of someone you loved or admired.

As well as offering tax advantages and acting as an effective estate planning tool, a Perpetual Charitable Trust offers great flexibility in terms of the types of assistance that the trust can provide each year. Grants can also be made to individuals in need or as part of a scholarship fund.

Perpetual Charitable Trust – (PAF) case study

In 1960, Harry Moss, an investor and financier, bequeathed the majority of his estate – worth around £1 million – to be held in a perpetual charitable trust managed by Equity Trustees. As directed by Mr Moss the income generated each year is paid to the Royal Children’s Hospital. The Moss Trust’s capital, invested by Equity Trustees since 1960, has grown to more than $80 million and has distributed over $50 million in income to the hospital since its establishment, meaning the hospital receives an annual distribution greater than the original capital value of the trust. The generosity of Mr Moss has allowed the hospital to fund ongoing programs and purchase vital equipment to benefit Victorian children. It will continue to provide millions of dollars each year to support future generations.