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Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) Recommended start-up capital $500,00

Public Ancillary Fund – (PAF)

Recommended start-up capital: $500,000

A PAF allows your client to support charities or fund causes that are important to them and their family or business

Equity Trustees can establish and administer the PAF for your client, ensuring it complies with all statutory, reporting, and distribution requirements

We use our independent investment knowledge to ensure the funds are invested prudently and responsibly at all times and can work in consultation with your client and their external investment adviser if required.

PAFs can invest in a range of investments including cash, shares, fixed interest securities, and property.

Public Ancillary Fund – (PAF)case study

In mid-2014, Joseph Sambrook and Mary-Jane Gething – both now retired after distinguished careers in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology – established a private ancillary fund managed by Equity Trustees. Mary-Jane is a third generation Equity Trustees client after her grandfather established the original connection by engaging the Company to draft his Will.

The growing aim of the family foundation is to support people in three areas. In science, it supports outstanding early career researchers, with a focus on promoting opportunities for female scientists and promoting gender equality; in the arts, to foster young and emerging talent; and in education to support vulnerable and disadvantaged children overcome challenges.

“Ever since I’ve had any financial understanding I knew about Equity Trustees. I watched my parents go through the wonderful supportive service… I have had my own account with the Company since the mid-70s. Not long ago, Equity Trustees assisted our daughter to buy and later sell her first apartment. I am looking forward to her becoming actively involved in our philanthropic activities.”