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Equity Trustees – experts in philanthropy

As a specialist in end-to-end services for charitable foundations, we take the effort out of creating, administering and operating a charitable foundation, offering expert investment and granting advice and maximising the community and social benefits of your clients philanthropic donation.

Equity Trustees was established in 1888 for the purpose of providing independent and impartial Trustee and Executor services to help families throughout Australia protect their wealth. Since then we have helped manage charitable trusts on behalf of individuals, families, businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Knowledge and networks

Our experienced team has a unique knowledge and understanding of the not-for-profit sector, overseeing millions of dollars in charitable distributions every year.

In-house investment expertise

Our investment strategy seeks to maximise the income generated for distribution, while at the same time growing capital over the long term.

We listen to your client

We work closely with your clients to understand theirt motivations for giving and to identify the most appropriate charitable structure to achieve their goals.

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    Making a difference now

    The Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation is a simple way for your client to leave an enduring legacy, without the responsibilities of maintaining a trust themselves.

    Public Ancillary Fund – Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation

    Initial donation: $20,000

    With less investment required than other funds and with the ability to establish your clients sub-fund immediately, Equity Trustees can act as Trustee and manage the investment, governance, and administration of their sub-fund.

    All your client, as the donor, has to do is notify Equity Trustees about the charitable organisations or projects they wish to support each year.

    A sub-fund with the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation is also an excellent way to involve younger family members in charitable giving. It can continue on past your clients lifetime and is an ideal way to demonstrate  family values and develop a sense of community

    Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation case study

    One of the sub-funds with the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation focuses on funding music programs in partnership with Ardoch Youth Foundation.

    The donor, Andrew Robison funds music and guitar programs in select primary schools in socio-economically disadvantaged areas across Melbourne.

    "Many of the children involved in the program come from newly-arrived migrant or refugee families who do not have the funds for 'extras' such as guitars or weekly music lessons," Andrew said

    "It is a great pleasure to give disadvantaged kids the chance to experience the joy that playing music brings."

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    Establish their own charitable foundation

    A Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) is appropriate if your client is interested in establishing a standalone charitable foundation and wants to be involved in it's investment strategy.

    Public Ancillary Fund – (PAF)

    Recommended start-up capital: $500,000

    A PAF allows your client to support charities or fund causes that are important to them and their family or business

    Equity Trustees can establish and administer the PAF for your client, ensuring it complies with all statutory, reporting, and distribution requirements

    We use our independent investment knowledge to ensure the funds are invested prudently and responsibly at all times and can work in consultation with your client and their external investment adviser if required.

    PAFs can invest in a range of investments including cash, shares, fixed interest securities, and property.

    Public Ancillary Fund – (PAF)case study

    In mid-2014, Joseph Sambrook and Mary-Jane Gething – both now retired after distinguished careers in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology – established a private ancillary fund managed by Equity Trustees. Mary-Jane is a third generation Equity Trustees client after her grandfather established the original connection by engaging the Company to draft his Will.

    The growing aim of the family foundation is to support people in three areas. In science, it supports outstanding early career researchers, with a focus on promoting opportunities for female scientists and promoting gender equality; in the arts, to foster young and emerging talent; and in education to support vulnerable and disadvantaged children overcome challenges.

    “Ever since I’ve had any financial understanding I knew about Equity Trustees. I watched my parents go through the wonderful supportive service… I have had my own account with the Company since the mid-70s. Not long ago, Equity Trustees assisted our daughter to buy and later sell her first apartment. I am looking forward to her becoming actively involved in our philanthropic activities.”

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    Leave a lasting legacy beyond their lifetime

    A Perpetual Charitable Trust can be included in your clients Will to support charities, charitable causes, scholarships and awards in perpetuity.

    Perpetual Charitable Trust - (PAF)

    Recommended capital: $400,000+

    A Perpetual Charitable Trust can be included in your Will to support charities, charitable causes, scholarships and awards in perpetuity. It is a wonderful way to continue your contribution to charities or causes that are important to you. A trust can have your name, your family’s name or even be named in the memory of someone you loved or admired.

    As well as offering tax advantages and acting as an effective estate planning tool, a Perpetual Charitable Trust offers great flexibility in terms of the types of assistance that the trust can provide each year. Grants can also be made to individuals in need or as part of a scholarship fund.

    Perpetual Charitable Trust – (PAF) case study

    In 1960, Harry Moss, an investor and financier, bequeathed the majority of his estate – worth around £1 million – to be held in a perpetual charitable trust managed by Equity Trustees. As directed by Mr Moss the income generated each year is paid to the Royal Children’s Hospital. The Moss Trust’s capital, invested by Equity Trustees since 1960, has grown to more than $80 million and has distributed over $50 million in income to the hospital since its establishment, meaning the hospital receives an annual distribution greater than the original capital value of the trust. The generosity of Mr Moss has allowed the hospital to fund ongoing programs and purchase vital equipment to benefit Victorian children. It will continue to provide millions of dollars each year to support future generations.