Aged Care Advice IFA

Funding of aged care can be complex and confusing for families. By referring your clients to us for specialised advice, you can ensure they or their loved one can afford the care they need.

Equity Trustees’ aged care advice services are designed to complement your own, adding value to your business. You retain the client at all times but have the option for us to either meet with them independently or act as a para-planner.

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Broaching the subject of aged care may be difficult, even painful, for families. Many families wait until an accident or incident makes the need urgent. This urgency can lead to rash decisions with serious financial consequences.

As a trusted adviser, you have an intimate understanding of your clients’ financial position. By assisting them to start those conversations between themselves, or with their elderly parents, you can assist them avoid rash decision making, plan for future care and protect their wealth. 

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