With Equity Trustees, your wealth is in good hands. Our expert Asset Management team draws on decades of experience, taking a prudent, disciplined and long-term approach to the management of our client portfolios to generate growth while managing risk.

Key to our approach is getting to know our clients and their goals. With that understanding, we can determine the strategy and asset allocation that best reflects your organisational values, aims to exceed your return expectations and operates within your risk boundaries.

We invest carefully to protect and grow your wealth

Our investment philosophy is to preserve and grow the real value of capital over the long term while providing clients, beneficiaries and co-trustees with the income they need. As a trustee company, we have a fiduciary responsibility to provide our clients with the highest duty of care.

Our Quality at a Reasonable Price (QUARP) style is directly applicable to our Australian Equity strategies but also indicative of our overall thinking. We favour high-quality companies with prudent management and strong balance sheets. Investing in quality, reasonably priced assets results in:

Long term capital growth

Growth and consistency of income streams

Mitigates downside volatility and associated sequencing risk

Thanks to disciplined portfolio construction that takes into consideration long-term market trends, our portfolios are characterised by low turnover and are structured to maximise cost-effectiveness and tax-efficiency.

Principles for Responsible Investment Logo

Equity Trustees Asset Management is a signatory to the UNPRI (the United Nations supported Principals for Responsible Investment). The PRI is an independent organisation that supports investors to use responsible investment practices in investment and ownership decisions. As a signatory to the PRI, we are committed to a set of six principals that provide a global standard for responsible investing, and to working with local and global industry bodies to remain at the forefront of developments in responsible investing. Read our Responsible Investment Policy. 

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