Super Trustee

Superannuation is heavily regulated. As a superannuation Trustee, your regulatory obligations are the same, no matter the size of your fund and the burden of compliance can be costly and time consuming.

By setting up a Trustee for Partnership agreement with Equity Trustees, you are outsourcing the Trustee function of the Fund, which can save on time and costs. This will free your company resources to focus on its core business offering.


Since 1888, Equity Trustees’ core business has been acting as Trustee for private and corporate clients. In a Trustee for Partnership relationship, Equity Trustees  will work hand-in-hand with you to establish a clear understanding of your business. We’ll work efficiently and effectively to remove your administrative and regulatory burden. Below are key benefits of using Equity Trustees your superannuation Trustee.

Benefits of using Equity Trustees superannuation limited

Remove your compliance burden
Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited has an unrestricted RSE Licence, allowing us to take on multiple funds trusteeship. Our approach to risk management is a product of the strong fiduciary role we are mandated to perform. We are obligated to place member interests above the interests of all others.
Reduce the costs to you
The financial and time costs involved in obtaining an RSE licence and resourcing a trustee function can be high. By partnering with Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited, you are accessing an RSE licenced company with a dedicated Trustee team and be able to leverage off our economies of scale.

Access experts
Our Superannuation & Portfolio Services brings together outstanding staff with a combined experience of over 130 years in superannuation.
We also have access to in-house custodians, investment managers, lawyers, tax Specialists and asset consultants.

You maintain control We will work closely with you within well-defined processes to ensure you are confident in the quality, timeliness and cost of service.
 Improve service standards Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited has existing relationships with all major superannuation service providers. We can leverage these relationships to help you improve on the service you currently receive from your providers.