MySuper forms part of the Government’s broader reforms aimed at making Australia’s super system stronger, more efficient and most importantly, to maximise retirement incomes for members.

The Government introduced MySuper as a simple default super product to be provided by super funds whose members haven't made an active choice about where and/or how their super is invested. From 1 January 2014, employers must pay compulsory contributions into a default fund that offers a MySuper investment option unless the employee has exercised choice of fund.

MySuper products can only be offered by super funds that have been authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). These products must have simple features and fee structures, allowing members to compare funds more easily based on cost, investment performance and insurance.

The Executive Superannuation Fund is MySuper authorised – MySuper Unique Identifier 60998717367959.

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MySuper MyLife is The Executive Superannuation Fund’s MySuper offering. It’s a simple, low cost, product with a single diversified investment option focussed on capital growth and moderate income.

Investing with core investment managers and in multi-asset classes, MySuper MyLife aims at delivering superior long-term returns for retirement savings.

MySuper MyLife also offers quality Death and Total and Permanent Disablement insurance benefits with a recognised and reliable Australian insurer. 

Use the MySuper MyLife Dashboard to compare it with MySuper products offered by other providers.

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