Centre for Applied Policy in Positive Ageing (CAPPA) 

$480,000 over 2 years

This commitment is a two year extension grant for an initiative currently funded by the Wicking Trust. CAPPA undertakes research and social innovation projects that focus on finding solutions to emerging issues resulting from Australia’s ageing population, with the aim to increase the social and economic wellbeing of older Australians and change the framework through which ageing is viewed.

The funding ensures CAPPA cements its position as a leader in the development of policy to promote positive ageing in Australia, and in the provision of policy solutions to address complex issues facing people as they age. CAPPA will complete its existing suite of social innovation projects and develop plans for new interventions in applied policy. They will develop a long term strategy for the engagement of political leaders and decision makers to take a positive, optimistic approach to programs and services that support an ageing population.