Unless otherwise stated, all trusts have the following requirements:

  • Applicant organisations require ATO Charity Tax Concession (TCC) endorsement.
  • Grants may not be used for deficit funding, infrastructure levies, basic travel expenses, general fundraising appeals or capital works.

Use of Grants

A grant must be used exclusively for the purpose outlined in the grant application. If there is a material change in circumstances which affects the nature or completion of a project, grant recipients should contact Philanthropy Services for authorisation.


All grant recipients must complete an annual acquittal or progress report, detailing grant expenditure and the progress of projects. A link to these online forms is provided to grant recipients nine months after receipt of a grant.


Failure to comply with the above requirements may impact a grant recipient's eligibility for future grants.


Unsuccessful applicants are notified by email. Equity Trustees does not provide specific feedback on grant decisions.


Organisations and the projects funded may be listed on our websites with a brief project description and the amount granted.

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