The Equity and Empowerment program aims to fund better futures, not just immediate needs, so we grant to organisations that are working in new ways with longer term outcomes and visions.

We like to kick start conversations and hold space for those most impacted by inequities. We’re up for exploring ambitious, bold ideas and supporting leaders who are pushing for systemic change. We want to reduce the admin burden on organisations, giving them more time to make a difference where it is most needed.

Equity and Empowerment can only be achieved if the people, organisations and collaborations in the for- purpose sector tackling deep rooted problems are supported to develop, deliver, test and refine their own strategies; have the agency to take informed risks; the resources to learn and grow and the trust to change.

Our current funding partners include:
- First Australians Capital
- Australian Progress
- Safe and Equal
- REGEN Melbourne

Our Equity and Empowerment strategy can be read here