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Healthy development in the early years of childhood provides a strong foundation for the rest of life; important for the individual and for society. Equity Trustees is committed to supporting initiatives that provide opportunities for our most disadvantaged, marginalised and vulnerable young children to reach their full potential. 

Three streams  of granting support have been developed through a three part process: key review of literature; discussion with thought leaders throughout the sector; and a review of previous granting outcomes of the Equity Trustees Children & Young People Programs. At Equity Trustees we are focussed on areas of high needs by supporting approaches with a high potential for impact, and that are in keeping with the intentions of the founders of the trusts & foundations supporting these programs.

A Place for Education:
Supporting initiatives which focus on the benefits of education and learning in a variety of ways, with a particular focus on the Mornington Peninsula, Sunraysia region and the Goulburn Valley region. Supported by: R.M. Ansett Trust; Arthur Gordon Oldham Charitable Trust; The McEwen Foundation and The Edith M. & William M. Wilson Charity Trust.
For more information download the guidelines.

A Place to Call Home:
Supporting innovative funding initiatives which focus on enabling young people to effectively transition from Out of Home Care into the community.
Supported by: The Mars-Stride Trust; David Taylor Galt Trust; The Edith Kemp Memorial Trust Fund; Sir John Minogue Bequest; The E.H.M. Ratcliff Trust and The William Henry Pawsey Trust.
For more information download the guidelines.

A Place in the Community:
Overarching goal of the Equity Trustees Children & Young Peoples Granting programs is to assist vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people to take their place in life. A Place in the Community - Disbility Transition Grants forms an important pillar of the Children and Young People Domain within the Equity Trustees discretionary granting programs. Supported by: The John Saville Eastwood Trust; The Lynne Quayle Charitable Trust Fund; and The Percy & Ruby Haddy Foundation.
For more information download the guidelines.

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