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With a modest $5,000, you can begin your own philanthropic journey by creating a sub-fund of the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation, one of Australia’s most popular family giving vehicles. You can even give it a name of your choosing. After completing the establishment process, your named Sub-Fund can be opened within as little as three days with a tax deductable receipt sent to you shortly after.


With a named sub-fund, you and your family can focus on the giving, while Equity Trustees takes care of the investment, administration, compliance and operation of your named sub-fund.  You can call your sub-fund anything*, perhaps your family name, in memory of someone important to you, or something reflecting your vision for a future your sub-fund might help create.

*Except the inclusion of the words "Trust" "Fund" and "Foundation


Through responsible investment

Your named sub-fund is invested in a range of managed funds which are aligned with our investment philosophy which is to preserve and grow the real value of capital over the long term while providing a steady income stream. Equity Trustees manages all the investment of your sub-fund and ensures that funds are invested in a way that excludes alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons and adult entertainment. 

Most families have established their named sub-funds to exist in perpetuity. Our investment strategy provides annual returns which you donate to chosen charities, while at the same time providing capital growth. Over time, the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation has seen capital growth throughout many global market fluctuations since 2004 when it was established.


Each year your named sub-fund can donate its investment income to any eligible (DGR1) charity. There are plenty to choose from – and you may already have some favourites. 

Equity Trustees is here to guide you through your journey in structured philanthropy, ensuring you and the causes or communities you care about get the most from your giving. Talk to us about how we can help you and your family get the best from your philanthropy.

Philanthropy your way

By starting your philanthropic journey with Equity Trustees, you’ll join one of Australia’s most popular options for named sub-funds.
As part of this, you’ll receive; 

Support, guidance and assistance from our team of philanthropy experts 
The option of self-service for those who are clear on their giving strategy
Assistance with setting your giving strategy, which will clarify where and how you give
Invitations to exclusive events with speakers and guests aligned to your giving interests 
Insights from our team in regular communications. 

Next steps

Contact us to find out what we will need to establish your fund.
Additionally, please review Equity Trustees Financial Services Guide.

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