Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation

The Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation is a Public Ancillary Fund. Having a sub-fund with the Foundation is a simple and effective way to establish an enduring legacy. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible and any income generated is tax-free. Your sub-fund can be named after you, your family, a cause or in the memory of someone special. 


Supporting a charity, cause or community is a rewarding experience. A sub-fund with the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation is a great way to do this, without the responsibilities of maintaining a fund yourself. You are still able to make recommendations over where grants are directed. 


Robison Legacy

Andrew Robison has a passionate belief in the need to support disadvantaged children. He set-up a sub-fund of the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation to turn that belief into direct action.

Growing up can be incredibly tough for children and teenagers, particularly for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, subject to generational poverty. The main focus of Andrew’s Charitable sub-fund was to facilitate an emotional outlet and means of expression for those kids through music.

Through his Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation sub-fund, Andrew supports Ardoch Youth Foundation to organise music classes, guitars, teachers, workshops with musicians and even school gigs.