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What can the trusts fund? 

We are aiming to have specific guidelines as to what each trust can fund following the first official meeting of the Advisory panels. Due to the differing nature of both Trusts purposes, each trust will have their own eligibility and distribution guidelines. The two trusts are:

a. Australian Volunteer Support Trust (AVST)

To assist the families of any recognised emergency services volunteer in Australia who tragically loses their life through their volunteer work when responding to a disaster after 1 July 2019.

b. Community Rebuilding Trust (CRT)
Established with the broader aim of supporting the rebuilding of community assets, the CRT will be part of a larger Community Rebuilding Initiative.

What will be the length of the various trusts?

Both trusts have been set up to exist into perpetuity.

How long is the Trustees appointment?

The appointment of the Trustee is for the duration of the trusts.

What is Equity Trustees’ role?

Equity Trustees will perform the role of the Trustee to both Trusts, working closely with both their respective advisory panels to administer and manage the trusts and provide the required duties of a Trustee. This will include conducting an annual audit of the trusts and reporting this publicly as required.
How often will you report on the progress of the trusts and the funds available to donate?

Our reporting will be publicly available annually, and more regularly by the trustee if deemed necessary.