Catherine Mary Collie and Barbara Collie were two of the four children of Robert and Catherine Collie. Their father, Robert Collie, established R. Collie & Co Pty Ltd in 1893. In 1950 the company went public as Collie Australia Ltd, and was taken over in 1979. The business no longer exists under the Collie name.

Barbara Collie established the Collie Print Trust in 1967, in memory of her father and her late brothers, William and George. She died in 1970. Her sister Catherine died in 1966. Neither had ever married or had children.

The Wills were complex and provided half of their estates be placed in life interest trusts for the benefit of other relatives, with the capital passing to those relatives’ children upon their deaths. On the deaths of the beneficiaries a charitable trust (the Collie Foundation) was then established.


The Collie Foundation

The Collie Foundation was established in September 2001. It is a general, perpetual, charitable trust giving the Trustees wide discretion in supporting charitable organisations that assist persons in necessitous circumstances, public benevolent institutions and public hospitals. The trust favours grants to organisations in rural Victoria.

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications.


Harry M. Hearn AM (Chairman)

Ms Sarah A Hearn

Equity Trustees


The Collie Print Trust

The Collie Print Trust was established in 1967. The Trust was endowed by Barbara Collie, one of the two daughters of Robert Collie, the founder of R. Collie and Company – a prominent Australian print ink manufacturing business.

The Trustees are provided with the discretion to select from among such (not-for-profit) institutions, organisations or bodies providing, carrying on, or engaged in, technical education of any nature whatsoever within the state of Victoria’. However, it is understood that it was the wish of Barbara Collie that the Trust support technical and further education in the printing industry and allied trades.

Over the years the Trustees have favoured an approach of identifying appropriate grant recipients and developing a close and longer-term partnership-style relationship with them. The Trust’s current ‘grant partners’ are:

  • Australia New Zealand Flexographic Technical Association;
  • Australian Print Workshop;
  • The Design Foundation; and
  • RMIT School of Architecture and Design.


Ms Sarah A Hearn (Chair)  

Equity Trustees

The Trust is not currently seeking applications.