Testamentary Charitable Trust

A Testamentary Charitable Trust is established through your Will and comes into effect after death. This is an opportunity to continue a lifetime of charitable giving or perhaps to honour the memory of a loved one. Each year, the majority of the Trust’s income will be distributed to charities or charitable causes.

You can nominate specific charities to receive income from the Trust or identify a broader cause you would like to support.


A Testamentary Charitable Trust is for people who want to leave a lasting, legacy as part of their Will.

Unlike Private Ancillary Funds or the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation, tax deductible donations cannot be made to the Trust once it has been established through the testator’s Will, however, loved ones can still be involved in the management of the Trust as co-Trustees or as grant advisers.


Ansett with plane

Aviation pioneer Sir Reginald Ansett established the R.M. Ansett Trust through his Will, appointing Equity Trustees as co-Trustee. His express wish was that the income from the Trust be used to assist children to “take their place in life”. This guidance from Sir Reginald placed considerable discretion in the hands of the Trustees to realise his goals.

There are many factors that can influence a child’s ability to “take their place in life” such as education, employment, health, family support, mentors and access to extra-curricular activities and programs. While developing the R.M. Ansett Trust program, the Trustees considered these factors, the issues that had been important to Sir Reginald during his lifetime and researched existing programs for vulnerable children in Victoria.

Each year, around $1m is distributed from the Trust to support school scholarships, an aviation scholarship at Swinburne University and a grants program that has a specific focus on assisting vulnerable and disadvantaged young people, particularly in out-of-home care.