Private Ancillary Fund

A Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) allows you to establish your own Charitable Foundation. All donations are tax deductible and all income generated is tax-free. A PAF can be created in your lifetime but you can also direct a bequest to it in your Will.


A Private Ancillary Fund is suited for people who want to be involved with the administration and investments of the Fund. The nature of your involvement is up to you and the time, resources and knowledge you have at your disposal. You may also wish to involve family members as grant-making advisers.


Aboriginal Child

Jane and Hugh* had retired and felt they had accumulated sufficient assets for their future and the needs of their family. They had always had a desire to make a difference, particularly in the lives of Indigenous Australians. After talking to Equity Trustees, they decided to establish a PAF that would direct its annual grants to organisations providing education initiatives to young Indigenous people.

Jane and Hugh are directors of the Foundation, which they named after their family. They plan to include their children in grant-making decisions. They meet once a year to decide how they will allocate funds and advise Equity Trustees of their recommendations.

As the Foundation is managed by Equity Trustees, Jane and Hugh are comfortable that when they decide to step down as trustees, their wishes and the purpose of the Foundation will continue to be met.

*Names have been changed