An Executor is appointed by you through your Will. If you pass away, they will be responsible for managing your estate and distributing assets according to your wishes. You can also appoint a co-Executor to share the role.




The duties of an Executor can be complex, lengthy and emotionally demanding. Often a friend or relative is appointed without understanding all the responsibilities and associated risks.


Another option is to appoint a trustee company, such as Equity Trustees, to undertake the role. A trustee company can expertly and impartially co-ordinate all the legal, administrative, investment and tax requirements. 


Since 1888, Equity Trustees has been appointed as Executor for generations of Australians. By appointing Equity Trustees as Executor or co-Executor of your estate, you can remove the burden from your friends and family during their time of grief.            

Our services include…

Duties of an Executor

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    First steps

    • Locate the Will
    • Establish whether the Will is valid
    • Assist with the funeral arrangements
    • Organise payment of the funeral from the estate
    • Arrange care of any pets

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    • Advise banks, Centrelink and other organisations of the death
    • Contact all beneficiaries, even those overseas
    • Redirect mail
    • Advertise a ‘Notice to Creditors’
    • Apply to the Supreme Court for a Grant of Probate
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    Financial management

    • Pay outstanding bills or debts
    • Lodge tax returns
    • Lodge date of death return
    • Manage cash and finances prudently
    • Continue to manage investments for beneficiaries until they come of age

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    Managing the assets

    • Compile a list of all assets and liabilities
    • Identify the type of ownership e.g. joint or sole
    • Manage any property, including its sale
    • Manage the payment of life insurances and superannuation policies

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    Legal issues