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Global equity ETFs are the asset class of choice for Australian investors, according to analysis by the Australian Securities Exchange.

Global equity ETFs provide an efficient way for investors of all types to gain access to global equity investment opportunities and growth sectors, while reducing home country bias and improving diversification - all at a lower cost.

Equity Trustees has partnered with Eight Bays Investment Management (EBIM) to provide an even more effective way to add global equities to your portfolio.

Available to Australian retail, institutional and wholesale investors and their financial advisers, the EQT Eight Bays Global Fund takes an active approach to investing in passive global equity ETF funds – one of the first of its kind in Australia.

This ‘fund of funds’ approach provides investors with a method for investing in multiple sectors with a single product. It combines the cost and transparency advantages of the traditional passive ETF structure with the research and analysis of an actively managed fund.

This strategy seeks to provide consistent performance above the benchmark with relatively low volatility, and has been tested and proven by EBIM, which has established a strong track record of outperformance.

Fund Facts

EQT Eight Bays Global Fund Facts


EQT Eight Bays Global Fund Update - June 2022

EQT Eight Bays Global Fund Special Report China - June 2022

EQT Eight Bays Global Fund - March 2022

Performance - Unit Price

EQT Eight Bays Global Fund pricing can be found here.

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Watch Darren Thompson, Head of Asset Management at Equity Trustees, discussing the new EQT Eight Bays Fund available to clients of Equity Trustees.

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