Equity Trustees’ in-house Asset Management team is comprised of experienced investment professionals with a proven track record of performance. The team builds diversified portfolios by identifying the best opportunities across asset classes, balancing both qualitative and quantitative investment analysis. Value is created by investing in companies that have a reasonable certainty of providing above average returns over the business cycle. Markets are closely monitored to assess the long-term implications of fluctuations to portfolios.

Fund Name APIR Code mFund Investment Type
EQT Cash Management Fund ETL0101AU Cash & Other Securities
EQT Diversified Income Fund ETL0420AU Australian Fixed Interest
EQT Growth Fund ETL0103AU Sector Funds
EQT Core International Equity Fund ETL0107AU Equities - International
EQT Wholesale Flagship Fund ETL0079AU EQY01 Equities - Australian
EQT Flagship Fund (Retail) ETL0068AU Equities - Australian
EQT Australian Equity Income Fund ETL0399AU EQY02 Equities - Australian
EQT Mortgage Income Fund (Retail) ETL0100AU Cash & Other Securities
EQT Wholesale Mortgage Income Fund ETL0122AU Cash & Other Securities