Fund NameAPIROffer DocumentReference GuideFact SheetFinancial ReportTMDContinuous Disclosure Notices
Alpha Alternatives FundETL0318AU View
Alpha Australian Blue Chip FundETL0091AU View
Alpha Australian Small Companies FundETL0092AU View
Alpha Balanced FundETL4308AU View View View View View
Alpha Diversified Income FundETL0329AU View
Alpha Growth FundETL9255AU View View View View View
Alpha High Growth FundETL3086AU View View View View View
Alpha Infrastructure FundETL0319AU View
Alpha Moderate FundETL6153AU View View View View View
Alpha Property Securities FundETL0095AU View
Fund NameAPIRDatePurchaseWithdrawalNet Asset ValueHistoric PricesDistributions
Alpha Alternatives FundETL0318AU30/11/2020$0.9999$0.9929$0.9964 Go to prices
Alpha Australian Blue Chip FundETL0091AU30/11/2020$0.7889$0.7833$0.7861 Go to prices
Alpha Australian Small Companies FundETL0092AU30/11/2020$0.8810$0.8748$0.8779 Go to prices
Alpha Balanced FundETL4308AU
Alpha Diversified Income FundETL0329AU30/11/2020$0.9213$0.9213$0.9213 Go to prices
Alpha Growth FundETL9255AU
Alpha High Growth FundETL3086AU30/11/2020$0.9606$0.9538$0.9572 Go to prices
Alpha Infrastructure FundETL0319AU30/11/2020$1.3380$1.3286$1.3333 Go to prices
Alpha Moderate FundETL6153AU30/11/2020$0.7888$0.7888$0.7888 Go to prices
Alpha Property Securities FundETL0095AU30/11/2020$0.3817$0.3791$0.3804 Go to prices


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