NOTICE: Ventura funds - Spread change  8 September 2021

Fund NameAPIROffer DocumentReference GuideFact SheetFinancial ReportTMDContinuous Disclosure Notices
Ventura Australian Opportunities FundVEN0026AU View View
Ventura Australian Shares FundVEN0030AU View View
Ventura Conservative FundVEN0029AU View View View View
Ventura Diversified 50 FundVEN0028AU View View View View
Ventura Global Opportunities FundVEN0008AU View View
Ventura Growth 70 FundVEN0027AU View View View View
Ventura Growth 90 FundVEN0032AU View View View View
Ventura High Growth 100 FundVEN0009AU View View View View
Ventura International Shares FundVEN0031AU View View
Fund NameAPIRDatePurchaseWithdrawalNet Asset ValueHistoric PricesDistributions
Ventura Australian Opportunities FundVEN0026AU17/03/2017$1.4247$1.4148$1.4198 Go to prices
Ventura Australian Shares FundVEN0030AU17/03/2017$1.3619$1.3551$1.3585 Go to prices
Ventura Conservative FundVEN0029AU17/03/2017$1.1579$1.1539$1.1558 Go to prices
Ventura Diversified 50 FundVEN0028AU17/03/2017$1.2721$1.2671$1.2695 Go to prices
Ventura Global Opportunities FundVEN0008AU17/03/2017$0.5419$0.5398$0.5407 Go to prices
Ventura Growth 70 FundVEN0027AU17/03/2017$1.3802$1.3744$1.3772 Go to prices
Ventura Growth 90 FundVEN0032AU17/03/2017$1.3678$1.3618$1.3647 Go to prices
Ventura High Growth 100 FundVEN0009AU17/03/2017$0.9999$0.9951$0.9974 Go to prices
Ventura International Shares FundVEN0031AU17/03/2017$1.9222$1.9174$1.9193 Go to prices


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