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The Equity Trustees Fund Services was established as a Responsible Entity (RE) service line in January 2000, taking advantage of regulatory changes associated with the implementation of the Managed Investments Act 1998 in June 2000.

Those regulatory changes presented an opportunity to introduce a new model to the market: an independent RE which completed separated out the functions of administrator, custodian and investment manager from the funds management process, focussing solely on the RE function.

Always keenly aware of the impact and opportunities that regulatory changes can create for our clients, we have been actively involved in the development of CCIV (Corporate Collective Investment Vehicles); the Asia Region Funds Passport; and AMITs (multi-class, multi-currency funds similar to UCITs in the UK).

Our RE model was pioneering in several ways. We were the first to establish an AMIT fund with multi-currency; a foundation member for the first ASX mFunds; and an early adopter of Capstone technology, the world’s largest global funds transaction network.

From these foundations, our CTS business quickly grew.

2017 saw our first move offshore, with the acquisition of a majority share of London-based Treasury Capital Fund Solutions, now integrated into the Equity Trustees Fund Services brand. That same year, the company nominated a New York-based representative to begin connecting to the North American funds market.

In 2018, our continuing growth included the acquisition of Sydney-based OneVue RE Services Ltd.

In May 2019, with Brexit and its implications for the UK office looming high, Equity Trustees opened an office in Dublin.

Our CTS business when it was launched in 2000 – was, at the time, a small team serving just three fund managers and seven funds. Today, Russell Beasley leads the Australian team, now comprising of more than 30 funds governance professionals serving more than 100 fund managers and 300 funds.

We take pride in offering governance, compliance and support services of the highest calibre. We tailor our approach to our clients’ individual products, structures and markets, with client partnerships that are collaborative and flexible.

This is why we have grown to become Australia’s leading specialist trustee company, and we are excited to bring our unique expertise to North America, the UK and Europe.