Me and UooUoo Art Trail

The Royal Children’s Hospital and Equity Trustees are two of Melbourne’s longest standing institutions. Equity Trustees celebrated 130 years in 2019, and is proud to partner with The Royal Children’s Hospital for its 150 year celebration in 2020.

This partnership is not the only way we are connected. Since our beginnings we have been responsible for passing on funds on behalf of our clients past and present – through ensuring bequests are honoured, or distributing the income of philanthropic trusts we manage. In just the past three years, Equity Trustees has distributed funds to the RCH on behalf of 63 charitable trusts, thanks to our philanthropic clients.

And one of these is the Harry Lyon Moss Trust. In 1960, Harry Moss, an investor and financier, left instructions for £1 million to be held in a charitable trust that would pay an income in perpetuity (forever) to the RCH, which has meant nearly $70 million distributing from the Trust over the past 80 years.

In honour of these connections, and in the hope of many more in the future, Equity Trustees is proud to be a Principal Partner in 2020 of The Royal Children’s Hospital, Me and UooUoo – The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail.                                  

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