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Equity Trustees is Australia’s leading specialist trustee company. Being a trustee is our core business and we provide this service in a number of key areas including for individual private clients, charitable trusts, corporateS, managed funds, and superannuation funds.

In recent times, the demand for specialist superannuation trustee services has increased significantly;  the role of a super trustee is vital because of its responsibility of looking out for the best interests of hundreds of thousands of members investing in superannuation for their retirement.

It makes sense that Australia’s leading specialist trustee, with 130 years of trustee experience, is so well placed to serve this very important area of trusteeship in superannuation.

Our Superannuation Trustee Office is growing to meet that increasing demand and as a result we have a number of Melbourne based employment opportunities on offer.

Being a super trustee is a big responsibility – and a big privilege. If you think you’ve got what it takes, we want to hear from you.

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Here's what our STO team think about working at Equity Trustees

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