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Every generation leaves a legacy for the next
What's yours?

Equity Trustees has been providing bespoke trustee services for individuals and families who are deeply invested in the business of planning and managing their legacy for future generations for more than 130 years.

Everyone's legacy is different - and everyone has a range of motivations. Sometimes it's about peace of mind. Sometimes it's because you like things 'just so'. And sometimes it's because you have a grand plan - for the family, the kids, the grandkids or a community or cause you care about.

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    For You

    Equity Trustees’ services can help you plan for the unexpected, or just plan ahead, if anything should ever happen to make you unable to make those decisions yourself.  It can include setting out what you want to happen with your assets, or your own care.
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    For Your Family

    Through the good times and the challenging ones, looking after your family is a top priority. This can mean everything from holding assets in trust to protect them for specific purposes for family members and having peace of mind that you’ve taken care of some of the big decisions about your estate so they don’t have to worry about it.
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    For Your Community

    Many people are active in philanthropy during their lifetime – experiencing the opportunity to gain satisfaction from watching the difference their legacy can make and engaging their family in the process. Others want to ensure a commitment to causes or charities they care about continue after they’ve gone through a bequest.
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    For Our Future

    Ultimately, leaving a legacy is an expression of care and hope for the future – the future of your children and grandchildren, your community and the charitable causes and organisations you believe can make our world – and our future – a better place.

Get in touch

Talk to us about trust structures and tax impacts relevant to your circumstances, and wills and estate planning, including power of attorney and executor appointments and advance care directives. We can help you create a philanthropic legacy you can take an active involvement in today -
or leave for the future.

What are you interested in?

Whatever legacy you’re invested in, there so much to think about when it comes to what you create, what you leave behind, and how you want it managed.

We’re proud to be a constant in a changing world – managing and protecting the legacies of the past, and structuring legacies for the future.

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