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We're nearing tax-time which is the ideal time to top-up your subfund. Here's the top 5 reasons why:

  1. Income tax deduction - You can claim a tax deduction for your initial and subsequent donations. You can choose to spread the deduction over five years.

  2. Funds are invested in a tax free environment - Charitable foundations are tax-exempt and eligible to receive a cash rebate for franking credits on Australian shares: making your philanthropic dollar go further.

  3. Building your Legacy - Making regular donations to your philanthropic fund enables you to build a legacy that lasts for generations. You can develop a values-based mission spanning multiple family members, well beyond your lifetime. This legacy will allow current and future family members to continue family values and community impact.

  4. Making a difference - As you continue to top-up your philanthropic fund, you will be able to make a greater difference. Structured giving is purpose-built to deliver an annual income stream to support community matters that are of most interest to you. As you top-up your fund, you’re able to make larger annual donations to support the vital work of your preferred charities.

  5. Greater joy and education for yourself and your family - Philanthropy is an excellent way to teach your family and the next generation about financial stewardship, responsibility and giving. By continuing to top-up your fund, and engaging your family in these decisions, not only are you working to ensure the successful transfer of wealth but you’re also providing an engaging, fun and meaningful opportunity for your family to see your giving structure as a tool that can be used to make the world a better place.