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The Fund invests via a select number of actively-managed global equity managed funds that incorporate responsible investment criteria into their processes.

The Fund is designed for long-term investors seeking exposure to a diversified investment in international share markets and strong capital growth over the long-term.
Equity Trustees source and actively select investment managers utilising a robust internal research process.

The investment approach is typically style unaware as it seeks to add value by selecting investment managers based on conviction that their investment methodology can generate consistent returns over all market cycles. In selecting the underlying managed funds, Equity Trustees aims to ensure that the Fund’s exposure to different countries, investment styles and investment managers is appropriately diversified to reduce volatility.

The Fund is managed in line with Equity Trustees’ responsible investment policy. This means the underlying investment managers are selected based on the additional criteria of their responsible investment practices and application through their investment decision making process.
Sustainable equity funds are viewed favourably in the manager selection process. Higher scores and priority are assigned to managers with a demonstrated and consistent process in selecting sustainable companies that have positive contribution to one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Features and benefits of investing in the fund

Multi-manager approach offering greater diversification opportunities given broader global investment set. 
The Fund is certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA). 
Exposure to international equities with the potential for long-term capital growth.
Suitable for ethical investors given the additional selection criteria of investment managers with responsible investment practices. .
Managers that have a demonstrated process in selecting sustainable companies that have a net positive contribution to one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are viewed favourably in the manager selection process
A style unaware portfolio that seeks to add value and generate consistent returns over all market cycles.
A dedicated management investment committee that will oversee the Fund’s investment strategy.

Fund Objective The Fund aims to outperform the Benchmark over rolling five-year periods, after taking into account fees and expenses.
Benchmark MSCI World Index net dividends reinvested (AUD)
No of Funds* 4 - 5 actively managed funds
Pricing & Liquidity Daily
Distribution Annual 
Fund Inception 31 January 2006
Management Fee 1.15%
Minimum Investment $5,000
Fund Size $161M


*Manager Allocation

Vontobel Global Equity Large Growth A portfolio of quality, high-return growth businesses with strong profitability and durable franchises, trading at attractive valuations to deliver sustainable high rates of return with less risk than the index.
Alphinity Global Sustainable Equity Fund Large Blend  A diversified portfolio of leading sustainable companies, which are aligned with one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with strong ESG characteristics. It selects stocks that are undervalued and within an earnings upgrade cycle.
Cooper Investors Global Endowment Fund Cooper Investors Global Endowment Fund A portfolio that invests in high-quality companies with attractive long-term prospects. The Fund aims to have lower volatility than the global equities market and to outperform during periods of market weakness.
Orbis Global Equity Fund Large Value The Fund takes an actively-managed contrarian long-term investment approach and aims for higher returns than global stock markets. The portfolio may be concentrated and considerably different than its benchmark, providing more diversity across sectors, geographies and companies. 


  • Darren Thompson

    Darren Thompson
    Chief Investment Officer

    B. Ecco, DipFinServ, GradDipFinPlan

    Darren has 30 years of experience as an investment director and portfolio manager. He co-founded boutique investment firm Northward Capital in 2007, where he was CEO and CIO, growing the business to a peak of about $3 billion in funds under management. Before that, Darren held roles at Insurance Australian Group (IAG) as Co-Head of Equities, and positions as Deutsche Bank and Burdett Buckeridge Young (BBY).

    Joined Equity Trustees: October 2018

  • Dilan Ashton

    Dilan Ashton
    General Manager, Responsible Investing

    B.Ec; B.Comm; Graduate Diploma Applied Finance

    Dilan brings over 13 years of financial services experience. She joined Equity Trustees from Warakirri where she worked in the business development team managing the group’s not-for-profit client base. Before this, she spent 10 years at JBWere, beginning her career in operations before moving into private wealth management as a senior analyst. During her time at JBWere, she was responsible for managing relationships across many charitable and not-for-profit clients.

    Joined Equity Trustees: September 2022