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The Spectrum Strategic Income Fund is an actively managed credit fund that invests in a range of debt and hybrid securities with the objective of maximising income whilst preserving capital. The portfolio holds a diversified number of securities with risk limits imposed and actively monitored across security type, credit risk, industry, and issuers. Issuers include government bodies, banks, and corporates.
The Fund seeks to deliver higher returns to investors than traditional cash management and fixed income investments. The Funds lower duration profile seeks to limit volatility of returns. It is suited to investors with a low tolerance for volatility of returns and focuses on capital preservation and growth as well as income production. The portfolio is mostly floating rate, so returns increase as interest rates rise. Income is distributed quarterly.
Asset Consultant (SQM) has a “Superior” rating for the Spectrum Strategic Income Fund.

Fund Objective To generate returns in excess of the benchmark by investing in a diversified portfolio of debt and income securities.
Benchmark Cash Rate determined by the Reserve Bank of Australia
Fund Inception 31 May 2009
Pricing & Liquidity Daily
Distribution Quarterly 
Management Fee 0.75%
Minimum Investment $5,000
Fund Size $51.3m as at 28 February 2023
MFund Code  SPE01


Fixed Income Credit Fund Awards

Meet the Manager

  • Lindsay Skardoon

    Lindsay Skardoon
    Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income

    BSc. Grad Dip Banking & Finance, MAppFin, MBA

    Lindsay has just started at Equity Trustees. He was one of the founders of Spectrum Asset Management and th Portfolio Manager of the Spectrum Strategic Income Fund. Lindsay has over 30 years of investment experience where he has held senior roles in Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, Potter Warburg and Westpac.

    Lindsay has extensive experience in capital market syndications and orginisatons, hybrids, derivatives, swaps, credit derivatives, credit securities and bond trading. Lindasy was Vice Chairman of the Debt Capital Markets Committee and was a sub-Editor of the AFMA Dealers Handbook and Interest Rates Handbook. Lindsay holds a BSc Chemical Physics, Graduate Diploma Banking and Finance, Master Applied Finance and an MBA.

    Joined Equity Trustees: 1 May 2023