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Of all the significant world events that have occurred over the past 10, 50, even 100 years, a only handful of US presidential elections have come close to exciting the frenzy of interest that is the hallmark of the election of Donald Trump this week.

Investment markets have faced and overcome many periods of uncertainty – even during volatile and uncertain moments in the past century, investment returns have been solid over the long term.   

At Equity Trustees we remain focussed on the delivery of sustainable and growing income streams for our private and institutional clients. We recognise that we are trusted because we take an approach that ensures they have the income they need from their investments year in year out to meet their needs and objectives. At the same time we remain focussed on growing the capital or corpus of their funds above inflation over the medium to long term.

President elect Trump indicated an interest during the campaign of returning interest rates towards more normal levels in the US, and has proposed  an assertive infrastructure spending program – all of which have the potential to promote growth in the area of jobs and the economy, but also potentially inflation.

Voting – and indeed campaigning – are naturally very different to running a country which necessarily involves the involvement of Congress, and must take into account the Presidential powers in the US constitution, and international relationships.

 In the months and years ahead there will be volatility – and with that comes opportunity. Our commitment remains ensuring our Portfolios’ are invested where there is the best opportunity and avoid the risks, with our clients’ interests central to every decision. Just as we’ve done since 1888.

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