Superannuation Trustee Office

Superannuation is heavily regulated. As a superannuation trustee, your regulatory obligations are the same, no matter the size of your fund. The burden of compliance can be costly and time consuming.

By appointing Equity Trustees as your superannuation trustee, you are outsourcing the trustee function, relieving your business of the time and cost of performing the trustee role and freeing resources to focus on your core service offer to members while still achieving a high standard of compliance and governance for your fund.

Since 1888, Equity Trustees’ core business has been acting as trustee for private and corporate clients. As your superannuation trustee, we work with you to establish a clear understanding of the business of your fund before working to efficiently take on your administrative and regulatory burden, leaving you to focus on pursuing your fund's and growth and service to members.

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Appoint Equity Trustees and realise the benefits

Remove your compliance burden
Equity Trustees has an extended public offer RSE licence, that allows us to act as Trustee for multiple superannuation funds. Our approach to risk management is a product of the strong fiduciary role we are mandated to perform but also our obligation to place member interests above the interests of all others.
Reduce the costs to you
The financial and time costs involved in obtaining an RSE licence and resourcing a superannuation trustee function can be high. By appointing Equity Trustees, you are able to leverage off our economies of scale by accessing an RSE licenced company with an expert superannuation trustee team.

Access experts
Our Superannuation Trustee Office brings together an outstanding team in a business with more than 130 years of experience as an Australian trustee.

Our expertise spans all aspects of superannuation fund governance including investments, insurance, operations, fund accounting, business development, legal, change management, compliance and risk management.

The team’s experience includes working in a diverse range and scale of superannuation funds as well as the merger of superannuation funds via successor fund transfers. 

Independent superannuation trustee  Equity Trustees is one of the largest independent superannuation Trustees, and performs a critical role in providing oversight of superannuation funds as well as protecting the interests of their members who have invested their current and future retirement hopes with them.
You maintain control We will work closely with you within well-defined processes to ensure you are confident in the quality, timeliness and cost of service.
Improve service standards
Equity Trustees has strong constructive relationships with all major superannuation service providers including access to a range of custodians, investment managers, lawyers, tax specialists, auditors, actuaries and asset consultants. 

We can leverage these relationships to ensure you are matched with the right providers for your fund, and make sure you get the best possible service.