Eric Ormond Baker Charitable Fund

Areas of interest: Hospitals, poverty relief, science, education, medical research, rural/regional Victoria

Full Description

Areas of interest
Poverty relief
Public science
Public education
Medical research
Rural/regional Victoria

Purpose and Eligibility
The Eric Ormond Baker Charitable Fund has been established for the benefit of not-for-profit hospitals and public benevolent institutions or organisations established for either poverty relief, public scientific purposes or public educational purposes.

Funding is available for general charitable purposes as well as for the following specific purposes:
- medical research projects and/or medical equipment or instruments of a capital nature
- projects assisting persons living in rural/regional Victoria.

Total yearly distribution
Approximately $85,000.

Application period
This trust runs during the Small Grants Program.

Geographic scope
Applicant organisations and their proposed project must be based in Victoria.

Previous years' grants
See the Previous Years' Grants page.



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