Some of the external managers for which Equity Trustees currently acts as Responsible Entity include:
  • BNP Paribas Investment Partners 
  • SG Hiscock & Company
  • T.Rowe Price
  • BNY Mellon
  • MFS Investment Management
  • Orbis Investment Management
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    Our Service to you

    In establishing and maintaining a new Responsible Entity relationship, Equity Trustees will generally:

    • Prepare the scheme constitution
    • Register the scheme with ASIC
    • Issue disclosure documents
    • Establish the compliance plan
    • Appoint and monitor external service providers including Custodian, Administrator, Investment Manager and Tax Adviser
    • Conduct regulatory reporting and lodgements
    • Establish a Compliance Committee
    • Establish member complaints resolution process
    • Appoint scheme and compliance plan auditors
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    Compliance Process

    As a Responsible Entity or Trustee, Equity Trustees must have in place strong compliance monitoring procedures to ensure it is able to meet its obligations on an ongoing basis. Equity Trustees’ internal compliance procedures involve ongoing review of the services being delivered to clients, including:

    • Regular compliance certifications
    • Performance reviews and on-site visits
    • Monitoring against the delivery and performance of service standards
    • Any obligations of our clients in relation to monitoring will be explained at start up.

    There is an appropriate management structure in place which has the responsibility of discharging Equity Trustees’ obligations as responsible entity and trustee. Equity Trustees engages a proactive operational compliance team and a full-time internal Auditor to monitor processes and business procedures.