As Trustee we work with our corporate partners to provide compliance, administrative or supervisory services required by law or, in wholesale transactions, by discerning investors. Our services include:
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    Debenture & Note Trustee

    Debt securities have been an integral fundraising tool for corporations for centuries. In Australia, most offers of debt securities in the retail market are required to be issued by a public company, under a prospectus, with a trust deed in place and a trustee, such as Equity Trustees, appointed.

    Depending on how a debt security is structured, borrower corporations may enjoy a number of key advantages, including:

    • No dilution of the shareholding base
    • Longer term tax-effective funding at a predictable cost
    • Reduced or eliminated dependence on a single financier

    Some complex types of debt securities, such as hybrids, feature specific loss absorbing terms in times of the Issuer’s financial distress and, while being classified as debt by Issuers, behave more like shares in the hands of investors.

    Our Corporate Trustee Services team works diligently with our partners from the outset to ensure our full understanding of your objectives and add value to complex transactions.  

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    Escrow Agent

    Equity Trustees acts as agent in numerous escrow transactions involving the acquisition and disposal of assets, including real estate, industrial equipment, shares and intellectual property such as designs or bespoke software.

    In its basic form the Escrow Agent holds funds deposited by the purchaser until the transaction is completed and they are released to the vendor. If the transaction does not proceed the Escrow Agent returns the funds to the purchaser.

     Examples of transactions requiring escrow services include:
    •  The purchase of an Australian enterprise by foreign entities
    • The sale of local distressed assets to a foreign buyer, by an external administrator
    • The holding and distribution of a disputed share portfolio controlled by a liquidator
    The Listing Rules of the Australian Securities Exchange Limited require that certain ‘restricted shares’ be escrowed for varying periods. Equity Trustees is also well equipped to provide this service.

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    Security Trustee

    Equity Trustees can perform the role of an independent security trustee in any transaction requiring it, including syndicated transactions.

    Syndicated financing is favoured by many lenders as a credit risk diversification tool and one enabling a financier to seamlessly leave or accede to a syndicated facility. The main advantage for borrowing entities is the elimination of dependence on a single source of loan funding, with a number of participants in the lending syndicate.

    Sometimes transactions involve more than a custodial holding of assets and it is in such situations that Equity Trustees performs the security trustee function, including:

    • Maintaining a register of beneficiaries
    • Accepting or disposing of assets
    • Managing distributions of proceeds
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    Trustee & Custodian for Direct Property Funds

    Investment in quality real estate assets via trust structures remains an all-time favourite with the general public and professional Fund Managers.

    Subject to our standard due diligence and transaction evaluation criteria, Equity Trustees is able to accept appointments as a Trustee and/or Custodian in property transactions including Managed Investment Trusts (MITs) and Attribution Managed Investment Trusts (AMITs), as expected to be legislated. We can:

    • Hold assets and execute related documentation
    • Maintain bank accounts
    • Make payments as directed by beneficiaries
    • Provide annual audit reports on internal controls and compliance with regulatory requirements

    The engagement of Equity Trustees assures both investors and financiers that the property investment will be properly documented and administered and we are able to assist with innovative solutions to complex transactions. 

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    Superannuation Trustee Services

    Equity Trustees’ Superannuation Trustee services allow you to outsource the burden of administrative compliance for your superannuation fund.

    By accessing superannuation, trustee and investment experts, your company has more time to focus on your core business offering. Find out more.