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The William Buckland Foundation has launched a new granting program with the aim of supporting  real change in four key areas of focus; Homelessness and Employment, Health, Education and Agriculture. 

The new structure of the granting program aims to have better impact, and make a real difference in improving the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged Victorians. In doing this well, we properly honour the legacy of William Lionel Buckland. 

The Foundation will call for Expressions of Interest (EOIs), across the four key areas of focus over the course of the next 18 months.

To find out more download the following guidelines:

WBF Improved Health Program
WBF Vulnerable Victorians Program
WBF Enabling Education Program
WBF Agriculture Program

The Trustees of the William Buckland Foundation are:

  • Mr C.G (Sandy) Clark; Chairman
  • Dr Jane Gilmour OAM;
  • Mr Graeme Sinclair;
  • Ms Jennifer McGregor AM; and
  • Equity Trustees

For more information download the Annual Report


The Foundation which bears his name commemorates William Buckland, a highly successful businessman and pastoralist in the middle years of the 20th century. Initially involved in building the fledgling motor parts trade, his business interests expanded to include service stations, finance and investment companies and eventually a string of pastoral holdings in the eastern States and Northern Territory. He realised his great fortune by selling his private companies into public ones.

On his death in 1964, after bequests to his family and some favourite causes, William Buckland left the bulk of his large estate, £4 million, to establish a Foundation, the income of which was to be used in his words “to benefit a wonderful country and a wonderful people. Australia and Australians”.

Today, with careful stewardship by The Foundation’s Trustees, William Buckland’s legacy generates in the order of $6.5 million annually which is distributed for charitable purposes. From its establishment in 1964, The Foundation has distributed in excess of $92 million. The Foundation’s corpus is now valued at over $125 million.