This website is intended for non-U.S. domiciled investors only. Equity Trustees Limited ABN 46 004 031 298, AFSL 240975 is the product issuer. 

The mFund Settlement Service is a new initiative by the ASX. Equity Trustees and our investment manager partners are proud foundation members. 

The service allows people to buy and sell units in selected unlisted managed funds (mFund products), in a similar way to investing in shares. They can be bought and sold through their stockbroker online, in person or via a financial adviser who uses a stockbroking service on their behalf. 

Advisers and Investors can access information about mFund through the mFund website

Equity Trustees and our investment manager partners have selected the following funds to participate in the mFund Settlement Service:

Investment Manager mFund ASX Code
SG Hiscock & Company SGH20 SHF01
SGH Property Income Fund SHF03
SGH Emerging Companies Fund SHF04
LaSalle Investment Management (Securities) LP SGH LaSalle Global Listed Property Securities Fund SHF05
SGH LaSalle Global Property Rich Fund SHF06
Equity Trustees Limited EQT Wholesale Flagship Fund EQY01
EQT Australian Equity Income Fund EQY02