SuperStream is a part of the Government’s Stronger Super legislation – a package of reforms to make the Australian superannuation system more efficient.

SuperStream aims to improve the timeliness of processing rollovers and contributions and reduce the number of lost accounts and unclaimed monies.


30 June 2016

If you have 19 or less employees you will need to comply by 30 June 2016.


The ATO has announced it will "provide compliance flexibility to small businesses that are not yet SuperStream ready until 28 October 2016".


Under SuperStream, you must adhere to the following new data and payment standards when you make contributions:

  • Data and payments must be made electronically in the prescribed format

  • Data and payments must be sent on the same day



A clearing house allows you to make your super contributions electronically. It delivers each contribution to the right fund for each employee.

The Employer Contribution Portal is our clearing house solution for participating employers. It offers a range of benefits including:

  • Online registration, ready to load contributions the same day
  • Ability to be connected to any complying superannuation fund
  • Minimisation of downtime on super transactions
  • Single payment for Choice, regardless of the number of funds to which contributions are made
  • Saves time - less paperwork, fewer returns, simpler contribution processing
  • Helps you meet your SuperStream obligations

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