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The two major parts of the reform are how you make your super payments and your default fund obligations. How you make your contributions is covered under the SuperStream legislation. Your default fund obligations are discussed below.


When you offer your employee a choice of super fund, you must tell them the name of the fund you will pay their super to if they don't choose a fund. This is referred to as your employer-nominated super fund (or default fund). You provide this information to your employees by completing section B of the Standard choice form.


The super fund you choose must:

  • Be a complying fund
  • Be registered by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to offer a MySuper product
  • Offer a minimum level of life insurance as set out in the regulations (with some exceptions).


To make sure your nominated fund meets these requirements, check with the Trustee or an authorised representative of the fund.