Property Services

Equity Trustees’ property services are designed to assist the elderly with the transition from their family home to their new home in aged care. We can help with the decision to rent or sell your property, engage agents on your behalf and organise the move.

As your representative, we will always protect and act in your best interests. We are fully independent with no affiliation to any property agent or organisation.



  • Advising on whether to rent or sell
  • Sourcing the right agent
  • Negotiating the agent fees
  • Advising on the sales method
  • Instructing solicitors and agents
  • Managing the sales campaign
  • Advising on a suitable reserve price
  • Organising the storage or sale of furniture and personal effects
  • Preparing and maintaining the property
  • Assisting with the settlement process


Sorting, selling and storing your loved ones’ furniture and personal effects can be an overwhelming task. Many items may have monetary value, others have a personal value and all hold precious memories. We can engage experienced professionals to attend to the valuation, storage or sale of your possessions with sensitivity and care.