Equity Trustees has a long history of providing trustee services and managing charitable foundations. We are responsible for distributing more than $70m to not-for-profit and charitable causes every year. Part of our commitment to philanthropy includes our own Equity Trustees Foundation.

Our Foundation

Equity Trustees Foundation Staff

The Equity Trustees Foundation was established as part of our commitment to empowering change through philanthropy. We encourage our employees, investors, clients and our partners to support us in this commitment to making a difference.

We believe that philanthropy is an essential, sustainable way to ensure our charitable commitment remains steadfast through the decades to come. This is why, when we established the Foundation in 2001, we committed to contributing a portion of our profits over the years to help the fund grow.

Since then, we have distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable causes we care about – ensuring our employees, and our Board, are engaged in the decision making process.

Equity Trustees responds to community needs as they change. Consistent with our overarching five pillars empowering change granting program, our Foundation has a complementary focus on empowering change in the following areas:

  • Disability
  • Aged Care
  •  Indigenous issues
  • Environment
  • Disadvantaged women and families.


If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to The Equity Trustees Foundation Contact Us

If you are an Equity Trustees shareholder, and want to contribute your cash dividend payment to our Foundation, please contact Computershare
at www-au.computershare.com/investor login and select 'My Profile', click on the relevant election and fill in the requested information.

Some of our recent granting

  • AustraliaWeWant


    We funded a project conducted by The Community Council for Australia (CCA) in collaboration with Save the Children to develop, produce and promote a national benchmarking report measuring Australia’s performance against a set of 12 priority values agreed to by 60 leaders from the charities and not-for-profit sector. The report emphasises values held dear to Australians and Equity Trustees - fairness, equality, opportunity, creativity, inclusiveness and compassion. 

  • Medical

    The Sophie Lewis Fellowship

    In the memory of our colleague Sophie Lewis, Equity Trustees has proudly supported a fellowship at The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM), the not-for-profit organisation responsible for training emergency physicians and advancement of professional standards in emergency medicine in Australia and New Zealand.  This three year sponsorship has enabled new research into cardiac arrest. Its ground-breaking findings will help paramedics respond to instances of cardiac arrest more rapidly and effectively.

  • Tobacco Free Portfolios

    Tobacco Free Portfolios

    We also supported Tobacco Free Portfolios, an advocacy organisation which aims to eliminate tobacco from investment portfolios across the globe. By working collaboratively with the finance industry Tobacco Free Portfolios has played an integral role in the decision of over 30 Australian Superannuation Funds to divest tobacco stocks worth approximately $1.5 billion dollars.  With several billion dollars of Australian workers’ savings still invested in tobacco, our Foundation supported Tobacco Free Portfolios to continue its work in this area.
  • The Buttery

    The Buttery

    We funded therapy treks for Aboriginal youth 13-18 years who live in foster or out of home care and as a result of trauma have behavioural issues. While on the nine-day Treks accompanied by youth workers and a psychologist they learn traditional bush skills from aboriginal elders, are taught social interaction skills by therapists and receive intensive counselling. The Treks are preventive by identifying problems and providing solutions before entrenched anti-social or harmful behaviour such as involvement in serious crime or drug or alcohol dependence develops. Reported outcomes include increases in psychological resilience, improved team participation, increased engagement with education and positive changes in attitude.
  • Save the Children

    Save the Children

    In 2015 we funded a pilot program that provides intensive mentoring to vulnerable Aboriginal young people who have been taken into care by the WA Department of Child Protection and Family Support. This outreach-based program works with young people to address issues such as disengagement from education, crime and anti-social behaviour and drug and alcohol abuse through mentoring, case management, referrals and linkages to other services and supports.

    Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency

    This project provided four living skills camps to young people aged 16-21 years who are preparing to leave out of home or recently exited care.  The camps provide a culturally safe space for young people to spend time with their peers and leaving care staff to discuss concerns or fears in leaving care and learn the basic life skills to help them with their day to day living.